Massage to Clear the Mind

Stress is one of the main causes of diseases and lack of anger management. Knowing that losing control of our emotions can cost us relationships, jobs, and even our health might be a good start to look for healthy ways to cope with stress. Muscle tension happens every time we feel stressed and angry, limiting the amount of oxygen flowing through our body, especially to our brains. That’s why we feel that is hard to make a decision and think clearly. I personally feel tremendous stress at the end of school year when my children are about to get out

The Ripple Effect of Our Well Being

Do you remember the last time you felt really good? Remember how it was so easy to smile, to hug someone and to even not bother when a car just cut you off on the freeway? Remember that you complimented your child for being able to finish the homework without asking for help and your child smiled the biggest smile ever, so happy for having her/his effort recognized ? When I started taking yoga classes several years back I remember the amazing feeling welling up from within. I would come home for my family more loving, more patient and even

Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Healing Through Tapping and Dancing

Since I was very young, maybe around 6 or 7 years old , I remember suffering from horrible anxiety and panic attacks. I am glad that at that time natural healers were the first option. My mom took me to quite a few of them. The healers used a combination of energy healing and prayers and helped me as much as they could. As an adult I searched myself for natural ways to deal with such disturbing problems that can truly compromise our ability to function in society and in life in general. While I suffered deeply and silently, I