Many Eastern cultures have long recognized the importance of breathing to cultivate a positive relationship between the body and the mind. One that promotes a more tranquil state of being and a more resilient physiology. In order to fully relax we must gain control of our breathing and learn to breathe through our stomachs. Remember that relaxation is truly an elixir for body, mind and spirit. The secret is simply to breathe…deeply and often. A natural rhythm of breathing includes inhalation, exhalation and resting. Let’s try some breathing exercises so we can all enjoy the benefits of a more mindful

The Role of the Healer in the Healing Process

When we prepare ourselves to give our client a massage/energy session is very important that we attune ourselves to the peaceful place within. In that space we are able to connect with the needs of the client. We don’t know the whole story behind a physical or emotional condition of a person so, we must be able to tap on our intuition to guide us with the flow of hands, proper pressure and environment comfort and even the words we speak. We just can feel reverence, compassion and mercy¬† towards a client when the same feelings towards ourselves have been