Releasing Emotions During a Massage Session

  After a massage session the body is working diligently to get rid itself of toxins. However, it may not be able to eliminate these substances fast enough. Healing crisis is a natural process of the body to restore balance and health. Emotional release in the form of anger or sadness can happen, especially because most of us go through life suppressing emotions. By  doing that those emotions get trapped inside the body and with the help of body work they can be released. All of those symptoms are natural and don’t necessarily happen to everybody or in every massage

I Can Just Change One Being…Myself!

When my first son was born 20 years ago we lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was there that for the first time I hired someone to help me with the house work and my baby boy. Jocelia was her name. She came from the Northeast of Brazil, Bahia, and was a little younger than I was. I was 24 and she was about 20. I loved her as soon as she stepped in my home. She looked at me and was never afraid to say what she was thinking, but she was loving, trustworthy, a great cook, and she

What Happens After We Decide to Take Care of Us in a Physical and Emotional Level?

I remember being in so much physical and emotional pain several years ago that living was a drag on my body and mind. I have been physically active all my life, however at that particular time it felt like I couldn’t move. My heart was aching and so was my body. For the first time, I visited a chiropractor in Colorado, where my family and I lived at that time. He made the adjustments in my body that were supposed to be made and…gave me homework! How could he dare tell me to stretch here and there and suffer more

Changing Old Habits

All of us have heard numerous times the importance of taking care of our bodies and minds so we can live a healthier and longer life. Why is it so hard to get started? Maybe because the habits that we have created for so long, sometimes even from childhood, are so ingrained in us and seem incredibly difficult to change. The overwhelming thought of change repeatedly keeps us stuck where we are, added to the excuses for them. What if…we took baby steps while being loving to ourselves? Today we can decide to drink one more glass of water, or

Our Soul Craves to Express Itself Creatively

All of us, human beings, were born with something greater within. Some call it a spark of the Divine, some call it simply spirit, some like to name it…Soul. However we choose to name this beautiful and lively part of us, we need to remember that it needs special attention. It needs nurturing, it needs silence and a fertile soil where it can blossom. When we allow ourselves to express what is yearning to come out from us to the outside world, without judgement, without expecting recognition, is when we can truly shine from the inside out. When we dance,

Let’s Teach Our Children How To Relax…

          I have noticed recently, in my massage and energy work practice, more and more visits from children and young adults. It’s truly an honor to be trusted to care for the little ones and teenagers. I love them and feel that they have a much deeper connection to the source, to this vast Universe, than most of us adults. What has been surprising to me is the amount of tension, pain, and intense alertness in those kids, mostly due to the overuse of electronic devices like video games and cell phones . As a natural reaction

Massage to Clear the Mind

Stress is one of the main causes of diseases and lack of anger management. Knowing that losing control of our emotions can cost us relationships, jobs, and even our health might be a good start to look for healthy ways to cope with stress. Muscle tension happens every time we feel stressed and angry, limiting the amount of oxygen flowing through our body, especially to our brains. That’s why we feel that is hard to make a decision and think clearly. I personally feel tremendous stress at the end of school year when my children are about to get out

The Ripple Effect of Our Well Being

Do you remember the last time you felt really good? Remember how it was so easy to smile, to hug someone and to even not bother when a car just cut you off on the freeway? Remember that you complimented your child for being able to finish the homework without asking for help and your child smiled the biggest smile ever, so happy for having her/his effort recognized ? When I started taking yoga classes several years back I remember the amazing feeling welling up from within. I would come home for my family more loving, more patient and even

Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Healing Through Tapping and Dancing

Since I was very young, maybe around 6 or 7 years old , I remember suffering from horrible anxiety and panic attacks. I am glad that at that time natural healers were the first option. My mom took me to quite a few of them. The healers used a combination of energy healing and prayers and helped me as much as they could. As an adult I searched myself for natural ways to deal with such disturbing problems that can truly compromise our ability to function in society and in life in general. While I suffered deeply and silently, I

Making Time for Ourselves

In our busy schedules and with an endless “to do” list , most of us, continue to put ourselves last and postponing the so deserving bubble bath, the solo walk on the beach, the reading of that  novel and even a non planned nap when the body is begging for it. Is it us or the world that have high expectations of achievement? What is the reward after we get there? Money, recognition, better health, a dreamed vacation ? Where are we really putting the emphasis in our lives? I believe in the importance of making time for ourselves because