Massage and Intuitive Touch for Healing

When my first child was born, almost 20 years ago, I came across a brochure about Shantala massage for babies, a legacy of the Hindu and Ayurvedic medicine traditions. My son was just about a couple of months old and I’ve decided to try Shantala on him. I was also a sales representative for the company that manufactured the oil and it was important to me to know what the new product was about. My bedroom was warm and cozy as I prepared a small tub with warm water for the baby’s bath,  towels were placed over my legs, where the

Healing Properties of Crystals

When I was first introduced to crystals many years ago in Brazil, I was still a kid. The colors of crystals fascinated me, especially the purple ones. After moving to the US my mom gifted my children with boxes filled with these beautiful and colorful stones. I was already in love with them and just the act of holding them made me feel good and I didn’t know why… Medicine people and shamans around the world have been working with crystals for healing for thousands of years. Crystals channel energy, they vibrate and hold heat and electricity. They increase the

The Art of Letting Go

I believe that one of the main challenges in our human life is letting go. Letting go of old hurts, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, letting go of pre-conceptions about life, letting go of habits that hurt us and hold us back and even letting go of people that are toxic to our well being. Why would that be so hard? It’s part of human nature to look for what’s familiar to us based on what we have experienced early in life. We rarely question why we do what we do and the way we do

Singing Bowls- Healing through Sounds

The singing bowls’ combination of harmonic sounds is used as a vibrational tool to help us relieve stress, balance the energy centers of the body (known as chakras), and trigger spontaneous healing in many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. The sound vibrations deeply impact our nervous system reducing brain wave activity, slow the respiratory and heart rates allowing the body to release blocked energy. Singing bowls change consciousness into a peaceful state, help clear the mind, improve well being and enhance creativity. Native American shamans, Australian aboriginals, and Asian cultures have used sound to heal for generations. Singing bowls