Happy New Year!

My wish for you in 2019 is that you experience peace and happiness. Life has no guarantees, the story can change at any time, so why waste time trying to control others and everything else? The energy spent on control robs us from our very true nature. Instead, try saving your energy to meditate, to go with the flow of Nature, and if you feel stuck…use that pause button to bring light to that moment so you can heal whatever it is that needs healing and move forward once again. Mother Earth is compassionate and merciful and just knows what

Consciousness, Healing and Different Realities

        Definition of Consciousness (noun): *the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. *the awareness or perception of something by a person. *the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.                                                                     picture credit: www.scienceandnonduality.com When I was very young, in Brazil, my childish perception of reality revolved only around my immediate needs and wants. I guess I was no

D.M.C. (Divinely Modified Children)

Be aware of the new generation of children. We are not genetically modified, most of us. We are Divinely Modified Children (DMC). We resist authority and guidance of corrupt families and governments. We question laws created by interest of a few and not of the whole. We question the hunger in such an abundant world. We question the violence. We have a hard time to sit still in class, because we can feel with all five senses at once and this world over stimulates and overwhelms us and besides what you teach is really old stuff we don’t care about

Why Healing With Sounds?

Why healing with sounds? Because we are vibrational beings, with energy pulsating in and all around us. According to Jonathan Goldman, director of the Sound Healers Association,  “people have been using mantras and others sounds for various types of healing and consciousness shifts for thousands of years in different traditions”. Shamans have used drumming, rattling, chanting, instrumental music and other sounds techniques as its primary tools for healing. I have been using in my practice, for several years now, sounds in combination with body work. What I see the majority of my clients experience, specially after certain tuning forks are

Turmeric: a Must Know Healing Spice

When my family and I lived in Colorado, several years ago, I had the privilege to be introduced  to Ayurvedic Medicine and its amazing healing spices and herbs.  One spice that I didn’t use in my Colorado years is now my favorite Healing Spice : TurmericDr. Nita Desai was my holly messenger and became my family’s doctor. I got to learn a little more about what India, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, had known, for thousands of years, about natural healing. I was introduced to herbs and spices that help to relieve common problems in today’s world: digestive problems,

Opening the Pathway to Peace Within…Releasing Anger From The Liver

Several years ago when I started practicing yoga and became aware of the energy flow in my body, I had an energy healing session with my yoga master.  She “poked” the right side of my body, on the liver area. I felt so much pain and didn’t understand why. I was told I needed to express myself better, to speak my truth when I needed to because I was holding on to some pretty strong emotions. For a very long time I wasn’t allowed to express my emotions, my frustrations and especially my anger towards a situation of abuse and

The Role of the Healer in the Healing Process

When we prepare ourselves to give our client a massage/energy session is very important that we attune ourselves to the peaceful place within. In that space we are able to connect with the needs of the client. We don’t know the whole story behind a physical or emotional condition of a person so, we must be able to tap on our intuition to guide us with the flow of hands, proper pressure and environment comfort and even the words we speak. We just can feel reverence, compassion and mercy  towards a client when the same feelings towards ourselves have been

Introspection for Self-Healing and the Healing of Our Planet

We cannot deny that we are living in times of great turmoil not only in the world we live in, but (for many of us) in the world within. We face the choice to either be paralyzed by fear or be active participants and co creators of a new paradigm in both worlds. We might ask ourselves if it is possible for one single individual to make a difference. Being an incurable optimist …I will always and invariably say…yes! If more and more research has been proving the power of the positive thinking ( and positive actions) in medical treatments