Hijacked Brains

It’s no news to any of us that our country and our world are suffering from an epidemic of sick brains. Our brains haven’t been able to slow down, to think clearly, to ponder before making decisions, to remember simple tasks and even to rest. What happened ? Anxiety, Depression, Addictions… Mental Health Issues are growing exponentially over the past years. Several years ago, during my training to become and Energy Healer I heard for the very first time about the “second brain” within our gut. I learned that our gut produces more serotonin(our happiness hormone) than our actual brain and there we also produce dopamine! So, if we

Brain Health and Water

Nothing a human being does is done without the brain. So in order to live a healthy life, it is important that we adopt habits that take into consideration the health of our brains. I decided to write about the importance of water and the brain after observing firsthand my son’s amazing improvement with focus and relief of anxiety at school, after he began making a conscious effort to drink more water. We were taught by a professional of brain integration that water facilitates the brain’s electrical energy for all the brain functions, including thoughts and memory processes. After taking