Happy New Year!

My wish for you in 2019 is that you experience peace and happiness. Life has no guarantees, the story can change at any time, so why waste time trying to control others and everything else? The energy spent on control robs us from our very true nature. Instead, try saving your energy to meditate, to go with the flow of Nature, and if you feel stuck…use that pause button to bring light to that moment so you can heal whatever it is that needs healing and move forward once again. Mother Earth is compassionate and merciful and just knows what

Happy New Year!

I wish you, your family and loved ones a fantastic New Year! May you make time to silence the world outside and travel inwards, enjoying the angelical voices of your inner guidance. May you keep digging deeper and deeper into your heart, into your family’s history so you can uncover the secrets to your healing and well being.           The tools Mother Nature shares abundantly with us, like crystals, are amazing to help us reach deep into our hearts during meditation. May you keep dreaming and take each day a little step towards the manifestation of

When the World Has Gone Crazy

If the world has gone crazy, we don’t need to. And there we are, all together, all(most of us) wanting the same: peace, happiness, love, abundance, health and joy…if all human beings can have that, safety is a given. How can we keep ourselves grounded in our utmost values? How can we not sway in many directions contributing to the chaos around us? We must remember who we are! We must rescue deep within our hearts our inner power and use it for good.  I remember when after my training to be an energy healer, several years ago in Sedona,

Food Matters

As we have been walking together the road towards great health and well being, I would like to share with you a documentary that came across my path years ago and once again this past week. The documentary is called Food Matters. Probably some of you already saw it and hopefully felt somehow inspired by its key message. Anything that can motivate us to make changes to a healthier and positive lifestyle, we most likely will welcome into our lives, don’t you agree? I was blessed to have my husband (an incredibly gifted and creative Vegan Chef) and 3 of

Opening the Pathway to Peace Within…Releasing Anger From The Liver

Several years ago when I started practicing yoga and became aware of the energy flow in my body, I had an energy healing session with my yoga master.  She “poked” the right side of my body, on the liver area. I felt so much pain and didn’t understand why. I was told I needed to express myself better, to speak my truth when I needed to because I was holding on to some pretty strong emotions. For a very long time I wasn’t allowed to express my emotions, my frustrations and especially my anger towards a situation of abuse and

Healing Wounds in the Heart for Expansion of the Soul

As energy beings, we cannot expand if our hearts are not open. The wounded heart learns to shield itself for protection blocking the natural flow of energy within the body. Several years ago I  went to Sedona, in Arizona, to be part of an Energy Healing training program. The journey for my personal healing started there. During the training I became aware of the wounds in my heart. Those wounds were causing havoc to my emotional and physical health and well being. My soul wanted to fly, however the weight within was holding me back. The secret to tap into


Many Eastern cultures have long recognized the importance of breathing to cultivate a positive relationship between the body and the mind. One that promotes a more tranquil state of being and a more resilient physiology. In order to fully relax we must gain control of our breathing and learn to breathe through our stomachs. Remember that relaxation is truly an elixir for body, mind and spirit. The secret is simply to breathe…deeply and often. A natural rhythm of breathing includes inhalation, exhalation and resting. Let’s try some breathing exercises so we can all enjoy the benefits of a more mindful

What Happens After We Decide to Take Care of Us in a Physical and Emotional Level?

I remember being in so much physical and emotional pain several years ago that living was a drag on my body and mind. I have been physically active all my life, however at that particular time it felt like I couldn’t move. My heart was aching and so was my body. For the first time, I visited a chiropractor in Colorado, where my family and I lived at that time. He made the adjustments in my body that were supposed to be made and…gave me homework! How could he dare tell me to stretch here and there and suffer more

Changing Old Habits

All of us have heard numerous times the importance of taking care of our bodies and minds so we can live a healthier and longer life. Why is it so hard to get started? Maybe because the habits that we have created for so long, sometimes even from childhood, are so ingrained in us and seem incredibly difficult to change. The overwhelming thought of change repeatedly keeps us stuck where we are, added to the excuses for them. What if…we took baby steps while being loving to ourselves? Today we can decide to drink one more glass of water, or

Our Soul Craves to Express Itself Creatively

All of us, human beings, were born with something greater within. Some call it a spark of the Divine, some call it simply spirit, some like to name it…Soul. However we choose to name this beautiful and lively part of us, we need to remember that it needs special attention. It needs nurturing, it needs silence and a fertile soil where it can blossom. When we allow ourselves to express what is yearning to come out from us to the outside world, without judgement, without expecting recognition, is when we can truly shine from the inside out. When we dance,