Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Healing Through Tapping and Dancing

Since I was very young, maybe around 6 or 7 years old , I remember suffering from horrible anxiety and panic attacks. I am glad that at that time natural healers were the first option. My mom took me to quite a few of them. The healers used a combination of energy healing and prayers and helped me as much as they could. As an adult I searched myself for natural ways to deal with such disturbing problems that can truly compromise our ability to function in society and in life in general. While I suffered deeply and silently, I

The Art of Letting Go

I believe that one of the main challenges in our human life is letting go. Letting go of old hurts, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, letting go of pre-conceptions about life, letting go of habits that hurt us and hold us back and even letting go of people that are toxic to our well being. Why would that be so hard? It’s part of human nature to look for what’s familiar to us based on what we have experienced early in life. We rarely question why we do what we do and the way we do