This past week here in Thousand Oaks and Southern California (Northern as well) has been  very difficult, to say the least, for all of us.

I would like to add to my current Menu of Services shorter sessions and sessions that add techniques (and sounds) to release trauma, PTSD and to calm down the nervous system so we can all move forward, healing ourselves, our families and being strong for the path ahead.


30min Session Reflexology with Aromatherapy and Sounds.                                                                                                      $45

30min Guided Meditation for Grounding and Techniques specifically for PTSD, Sounds and Aromatherapy.                $45

30min Head and Shoulder Massage, Energy Healing with Sounds and Aromatherapy                                                         $45


Every session will be adapted to your needs and current emotional state.

I will be adding to my website videos of exercises you can do at home to relieve stress and also guided meditations.

I am here to do everything within my reach to support our community. Please, remember to take a deep breath when the emotions seem too overwhelming to deal with and don’t try to ride these feelings alone, we need each other.


Much love and light to all,


Maria Helena Anderson